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If it slims*

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

If you've arrived in January with a healthy mindset on your agenda, you'll also know that fish is a great way to eat well.

Our good friend, Ian Robinson, has a terrific saying "If it swims, it slims".

Now, to be honest, this statement all depends on what you serve with your seafood, but as your fishmonger we can give you high-quality seafood at great prices, and then it's down to you to decide what to do with it.

So, if you like roasted Mediterranean vegetables, or maybe a simple stir fry and a squeeze of lemon, it's easy to eat healthily. Of course you can have decadent hollandaise, creamy beurre blanc and rich sauces, but it may not be quite as healthy eating! The choice is yours.

To help you start the New Year, we've launched a fantastic new Seafood Box, the Fresh Fish Favourites Box. A selection of our best selling fresh fish for just £40, including Sea Bass Fillets, Sea Bream Fillets, Haddock Fillets, Chalk Stream Trout Portions, Plaice Fillets, Cod Supremes and Fish Pie Mix. All the portions are boneless and ready to cook!

If you're looking to increase your Omega 3 good fatty acid intake, here's five fish that can help you do exactly that:

And, to help you, we're regularly updating our blog with recipe ideas, including:

And, we're just about to launch four new delicious recipes, cooked and photographed by the talented Majella from Pavlova & Cream! Watch this space to find out more. In the meantime, have a look at the website for our latest specials and be inspired!

If you're looking for a local fishmonger, you've found one. We're Premier Fish At Home.

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