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Seafood & Eat It - Lovely Clam Linguine

Clams remind us of sunny days playing in rock pools on the beaches around the UK.

These Palourde Clams come from the South Coast and grow in the clear, clean and often cool waters. A favourite of chefs, Palourde Clams are now available for you to prepare at home.

This recipe from our friends at Seafish serves four people and can be prepared in just fifteen minutes. We recommend a chunk of crusty bread with salty butter, ready to mop up the delicious juices that you won't want to waste!

For four portions you'll need just 1 kilo of Palourde Clams.

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Don’t forget to show us your Lovely Clam Linguine over on Instagram or Facebook. We love to see your dishes! And, if you’d like to leave a review for Premier Fish, you can do so over on Trust Pilot.

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Enjoy your Lovely Clam Linguine at home! See the recipe below.

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