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Seafood & Eat It – Recipes from the nice people at Seafish

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

We’re regularly asked for ideas on how to prepare seafood, simply and quickly at home. We appreciate that time is precious, and preparing dinner every day really can seem repetitive.

That’s why we’ve raided the recipe cupboard at Seafish! Seafish is the UK body supporting the UK seafood sector, helping it to thrive, from catch to plate.

“Seafood is one of the healthiest and most sustainable proteins but people aren’t eating the recommended two portions per week. We’re working to positively influence consumer attitudes and perceptions.” Seafish

To help consumers enjoy more fish at home over the coming months, we’ll be sharing lots of delicious seafood ideas. We’ll include handy links on the seafood you’ll need for each recipe.

The fishmongers at Premier Fish At Home will prepare your order just as you like it! If you want your fresh fish filleted, we can do that, no problem!

We’ve been supplying chefs for 25 years, and are proud to be delivering seafood directly to homes across the UK.

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Our first recipe will be posted tomorrow, and let’s just say it’s a cracker of a recipe (there’s a clue in the title!).

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