Mussels really are the ultimate fast food, so easy to cook, no longer reserved for only restaurant experiences! Once you try them you'll be delighted with impressive bowls of Mussels, ideal for a supper or to entertain your friends and family.  


These frozen Mussels, come in a 2 kilo frozen bag.. 


The 2 kilo pack is enough for serve approximately 6 people with a hearty portion as a main course. Simply take out as many as you want for your recipe, the rest can remain in the freezer for up to three months.


Here are five delicious Mussel recipe ideas that work any time of the year!

  • Mussels with white wine, cream and garlic
  • Mussels with tomatoes and chilli 
  • Mussels with cider and bacon
  • Mussels with coconut and ginger
  • Thai Red Curry Mussels


We know you'll love these Mussels and want to order them again, and again! 


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Chilean Whole Mussels 1kg - Frozen

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  • 5 x 1kg
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