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It is our aim to be the best supplier of fresh fish and seafood, exceeding the expectation of our customers though a committed and passionate approach to the service and product range we offer.

Our policy is, wherever possible, to support the local community by providing employment (many of our workforce are from the local area) and sponsoring a local football team. We also support staff in a way of sponsorship when they enter fund raising events.

The Premier Fish Team

  • All our employment policies meet or exceed EEC employment legislation

  • We operate a strict non-discrimination policy. Any form of discrimination is subject to company disciplinary proceedings.

  • Each member of staff has a contract of employment.

  • There is a company handbook, available to all staff, which includes our expectations of employees and their rights as employees.

  • There are formal grievance procedures.

  • We will equip our fleet with GPS control system soon, which will enable optimisation of deliveries and reduction in vehicle mileage.

  • We aim to reduce food miles wherever possible by incorporating customer deliveries with supplier pickups.



We are committed to reducing waste as far as possible, continually assessing the possibilities for waste reduction and for recycling.


Current activities are:

  • Most of the waste is packing material of the raw materials.

  • Our suppliers minimise packaging, commensurate with avoiding product damage and maintaining product cleanliness and safety.

  • Raw material packing is currently recycled. Cardboard and plastic being the key materials used.

  • All food waste is disposed of using recognised contractors and in conformance with legislation.


Packaging Material

  • Packing, both primary and secondary, is kept under review and is the minimum necessary to give required level of product protection.

  • Where possible we deliver as much product in recycled cardboard wax boxes, which can be returned for us to recycle form the customer.

  • Wastepaper and plastic from the offices is recycled.




It is difficult to monitor all these procedures as due to intense media coverage etc in our industry, but we can guarantee we do our best to give as much information/details as we can.


We purchase, wherever possible, from small/medium suppliers using fish and seafood products from sustainable sources. Many of our suppliers are EC based and operate within the EC employment laws.


  • Periodic energy surveys are carried out and recommendations complied with including monitor turn off, resetting heating requirements, A/C usage monitoring.

  • We use entirely low energy lighting which, is switched off when not required.

  • There is no heat processing equipment all products are chilled used compressor equipment and the cold stores operate within legal compliance whilst maximising energy savings where possible.




It is our policy to operate the most fuel-efficient route for our vehicles to run.

Most of our vehicles are equipped with EURO 5 spec engines which exceed current emission standards. (Mercedes Sprinters and Vito)

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