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Five cracking king prawn recipes

King Prawns are an easy and healthy fats food supper, so we thought we would share five of our favourite King Prawn recipes. When we make these five recipes, we use the Premier Fish raw, headless King Prawns, sold in 1 kilo bags. As you'll see from the images below, these Prawns really are impressive in size! They're huge! Order yours here.

In no particular order, here's our favourite King Prawn recipes.

  1. Seafood, pineapple & coconut kebabs from BBC Good Food

  2. Pan cooked giant prawns from Jamie Oliver

  3. Baked pasta with harissa prawns from Olive Magazine

  4. Bloody Mary pepper prawns from BBC Good Food

  5. Creamy garlic prawns from

All are guaranteed to leave you wanting more! Let us know what you think by sharing your recipe photos on Instagram, tagging @premierfishathome.

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