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Five ways to enjoy Smoked Salmon this Christmas!

Smoked Salmon is a must have menu classic for Christmas, a truly versatile and delicious product, it can be used in so many ways.

Over the busy festive period, it can seem like all we do is eat and drink, eat and drink, and repeat. Smoked Salmon can be part of an indulgent dish or a light and healthy meal. You decide.

Smoked Salmon is also ideal for rustling up nibbles to go with drinks or as part of a brunch, for days where breakfast and lunch meet in the middle!

Here's five easy, and delicious, ways to enjoy Premier Fish At Home Smoked Salmon. Order yours now!

  1. Smoked Salmon spaghetti with chilli and lemon from BBC Good Food

  2. Smoked Salmon Croustades from Good Housekeeping

  3. Avocado on toast with Smoked Salmon from Olive Magazine

  4. Smoked Salmon and lemon risotto from BBC Good Food

  5. Smoked Salmon pate from All Recipes

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