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Recipe - Chalk Stream Trout with Lemon, Pepper & Original Black Garlic

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Are you looking for a delicious and easy to prepare flavoursome dinner? Then check out this recipe video, with step by step instructions, that will show you how to simply bake our super Chalk Stream Trout with fresh lemon and Original Black Garlic.

The recipe was written, cooked and photographed by Majella fro

To order your Chalk Stream Trout click here, the fish comes pre-portioned and ready to cook, with no bones. It's available in two size portions, or as a side for you to prepare, or as part of our new Fresh Fish Favourites Box.

If you're on Instagram you can follow Pavlova & Cream and also find out more about Original Black Garlic here.

If you cook up the dish, we'd love to see your pictures, tag us on Instagram!

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